Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Body Removal services offered in Buffalo Grove and Chicago, IL

If you have something stuck in your eye, you can trust the doctors at Eye Q Optique in Buffalo Grove and the Tri-Taylor and Near West Side neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois, to help. The highly trained optometrists offer foreign body removal to get stuck objects out of your eye and relieve any discomfort. Call the nearest office to schedule an appointment or use the online booking tool today. We ask that if you are experiencing an emergency and the office is closed you go to the Emergency Room immediately. 

Foreign Body Removal Q & A

What is foreign body removal?

Foreign body removal is a medical procedure in which your optometrist removes objects, such as metal, glass, wood, sand, plastic, etc., that get stuck in your eye. If left untreated, foreign bodies in your eye can cause sharp pain and severe infections. Call the Eye Q Optique office at the first sign of something stuck in your eye.

What are the signs a foreign object is stuck in my eye?

The most common symptom of a foreign body stuck in your eye is pain. Your eye may also become watery, swollen, red, or stingy. You could experience blurry vision, a spot in your vision, or other unusual vision problems because of an object stuck in your eye.

What happens during foreign body removal?

During foreign body removal at Eye Q Optique, your provider’s first priority is pain relief. A specialist numbs your eye and offers a sedative to help you relax. They use specialized tools to remove a stuck object from your eye, rinse your eye, and monitor you for a bit before sending you home. 

What should I expect after the procedure?

It’s important to follow your post-care instructions after undergoing foreign object removal. Take medications as directed, use eye drops if your optometrist asks you to, and keep your eyes clean. Avoid rubbing the treated eye until it heals. Contact the Eye Q Optique team if you notice signs of an infection, such as redness, swelling, drainage, crusting, or eye pain.

How can I reduce the risk of a foreign object being stuck in my eye?

You can’t always avoid getting an object stuck in your eye, but there are steps you might take to reduce your risk. Examples include wearing protective eyewear or equipment if you’re working outdoors on a windy day, working at a physically demanding job, riding a motorcycle, playing contact sports, or participating in other activities that could cause harm to your eyes.

To schedule foreign body removal at Eye Q Optique, call the office or use the online booking tool today.