Zeiss Lenses

Zeiss Lenses services offered in Buffalo Grove and Chicago, IL

When your vision is at stake, you deserve advanced eyeglass lenses that do an exceptional job of correcting eye problems and giving you clear vision. The optometrists at Eye Q Optique ensure you get the best by offering Zeiss lenses. As a leading producer of innovative lenses, Zeiss produces glasses that fit your face, personality, and vision needs. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Buffalo Grove or the Tri-Taylor or Near West Side neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois, or book online today.

Zeiss Lenses Q & A

What are Zeiss lenses?

Zeiss lenses are manufactured by Carl Zeiss AG (Zeiss), a German company that researches, develops, and produces multiple product lines, including a diverse range of innovative lenses. They also produce a line of eyeglass cleaning products.

What are the different types of Zeiss lenses?

Zeiss offers two basic lens portfolios: single vision (corrects reading and distance) and progressive lenses (provide near, intermediate, and distance vision in one lens). You can get these lenses with any of the following advanced technologies:

Digital lenses

Digital lense are optical lenses that have been digitally altered to provide a significant improvement in clarity over standard lenses. When the digital lens is combined with an anti-reflective coaitng the clarity improves even more.

DriveSafe lenses

DriveSafe lenses use innovative technology to improve night vision and reduce glare when driving at night. The lens accounts for the changing size of your pupils in poor light.

Sunglasses lenses

Zeiss makes several sunglass lenses, catering to fashionistas, drivers, and sports enthusiasts. All its sunglasses filter out 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. The polarized lenses are available in various colors. Additionaly, the backside glare coating is highly recommended.

What are Zeiss lens coatings?

Zeiss can put lens coatings on any type of glasses, adding a layer of functionality that extends the life of your lenses. You can get an anti-reflective coating that reduces irritating reflections but doesn't coat the lenses, allowing others to see your eyes.  

Another popular and beneficial option is a hard coating that protects your glasses from scratches and helps them resist damage (an option that's especially great for kids). You can also get a lens coating that filters the blue light emitted by electronics.

Coatings don't always have to be functional; sometimes, they're just fun. For example, Zeiss offers coatings that tint your glasses, personalizing them to match your personality.

To learn more about Zeiss lenses, call Eye Q Optique or book an appointment online today.